SLEEP ORCHESTRA is Christopher Pegg.

Chris is from the UK, and is a sound experimentalist and electronic music producer inspired by such artists as Murcof, Saffronkeira, Loscil, Biosphere, Christopher Bissonnette, Pjusk and notable others within the minimalist ambient genre.

As well as his most influential artists, the SLEEP ORCHESTRA project is also inspired by Science Fiction, Nature and film soundtracks.


My Story

I studied music technology and popular music production at College and University level for over 5 years and hold a BA(Hons) in Popular Music Production as well as an FdSc and BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology. When growing up I belonged to a local and world recognised youth Jazz orchestra, playing the trombone.

My interest in experimental and minimalist music started back in 2007 when I first heard music from the likes of Murcof and Biosphere. After a number of years of studies and sample collecting, I had produced a number of what I would best describe as “mini-projects” that have ranged from the minimal techno and extreme glitch productions to more ambient/soundscape music, resulting in this, my latest project...