MANYFEETUNDER CONCRETE, mfu/c - 004 CD + DL, ltd. 50

“Home” is the brand new solo album from Sleep Orchestra (Christopher Pegg) featuring guests, Rune Sagevik (Pjusk & Project Pathfinder) and Shay Nassi (mise_en_scene).

"After composing odd tracks that didn't really connect to each other in a cohesive album-esk manner, I wanted to find something that I could use as an overall concept for a brand new project.

I was coming home from work one day when it hit me, What exactly makes a home?



A sense of comfort and security and knowing whats around you perhaps?

Once I had a realisation of this, these new tracks just started to flow and connect to each other more clearly. It quickly became a way for me and my collaborative friends to musically realise our own feelings of whats makes our homes, feel like 'Home'."