MANYFEETUNDER CONCRETE, mfu/c - 004 CD + DL, ltd. 50

“Home” is the brand new solo album from Sleep Orchestra (Christopher Pegg) featuring guests, Rune Sagevik (Pjusk & Project Pathfinder) and Shay Nassi (mise_en_scene).

"After composing odd tracks that didn't really connect to each other in a cohesive album-esk manner, I wanted to find something that I could use as an overall concept for a brand new project.

I was coming home from work one day when it hit me, What exactly makes a home?



A sense of comfort and security and knowing whats around you perhaps?

Once I had a realisation of this, these new tracks just started to flow and connect to each other more clearly. It quickly became a way for me and my collaborative friends to musically realise our own feelings of whats makes our homes, feel like 'Home'."

You can now listen to Home, just click on the links below:

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