“Drowning In The Sky” is a collaboration album between Pjusk (Rune Sagevik & Jostein Gjelsvik) & Sleep Orchestra (Christopher Pegg).

The project came about after Sleep Orchestra was given some recommended listening by a friend. After listening to Pjusk for many months, he found out that they were performing at Storung Festival in Barcelona the next year. Pjusk and Sleep Orchestra met at the festival and after a good chat and listening to each others material, it was agreed by both parties that they wanted to work together on a collaboration album.

Chris has said that, “If it wasn’t for my friend recommending me to listen to Pjusk’s “Tele” album this project may never have happened!”
That friend was Juan Diego Burillo (1974 – 2012). The Album “Drowning In The Sky” is dedicated to his memory.

You can now listen to Drowning In The Sky, just click the links below:

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