Project Pathfinder is a collaborative sound experiment between Christopher Pegg (the creative mind behind Sleep Orchestra) and Rune Sagevik (half of the Norwegian duo, Pjusk).

"We had this crazy idea about composing soundscapes, you know, creating sounds and samples that we could then mash up and rip apart, resample etc and use to compose brand new creations. It really was just a case of me saying to Rune one day: "Hey! What do you think Sunspots would sound like if you were watching a movie or a documentary about them?" and he would come back and say: "I don't know, lets explore that and see what happens." So we did." - Chris

"The way me & Chris worked on this project is completely new to me. We would share single, full versions of tracks, making small and sometimes large changes to this original material as we went along. It was a challenge for both of us to commit to a sound of a specific track as we progressed through I guess, because we ended up making so many changes! This left us with little or no possibility to jump back to a previous version, but this also happened to be a great way to keep things moving forward and create some great new material. With Pjusk I work somewhat more rhythmically and melodically, with Project Pathfinder it sort of came as a natural extension to this, giving me the opportunity to explore more of the sound-design and drone side of things myself too." - Rune

"Eventually we were coming up with these tracks, soundscapes that we envisioned an array of space-y stuff happening to on screen of a movie or documentary we both had in our heads. It was at this point that we really sat down and said: "Ok, I think we have something here. Lets see what happens if we come up with a fictional storyline and create what we think the soundtrack should be." Thats basically how Project Pathfinder started, as an exploration into the sounds of space and all the incredible things out there, both manmade and otherwise." - Chris

"The whole project came about as a way to create more otherworldly sounds as opposed to earthly based sounds. Its really a way to describe what we would imagine how events out in space could sound like." - Rune

"Also, the name is our personal little nod to the '96 NASA Mars Rover mission, Pathfinder." - Rune & Chris

 - Project Pathfinder's Debut EP "satellite #01" is now available as a name-your-price download from